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As a partner of the maritime industry, Mooring Solutions develops optimized solutions for towing ropes used in all maritime applications. At the same time, Mooring Solutions counts especially on innovative Dyneema towing ropes: Although it has been well known in water sports, for years, in commercial shipping to date, Dyneema finds application almost exclusively in the high sea fishery.

Mooring Solutions together with renowned Dyneema manufacturers has modified the high performance material for the application in areas such as the highly demanding towage, salvage and offshore industry as well as in conventional shipping according to the OCIMF standards. In this segment, Mooring Solutions belongs to the very few worldwide suppliers of high-quality Dyneema towing ropes solutions.

In comparison with current steel cables, Dyneema towing ropes convinces with its light weight, extreme easy of handling, better performance areas, water resistance and its durability as well. In addition, Dyneema is significantly safer: unlike a steel cable, a Dyneema rope does not recoil upon breaking (no energy storage). Not least, for this reason, Mooring Solutions made it their long-term task to eliminate steel cables from the maritime industry.

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The cutting edge in maritime technology

The cutting edge in maritime technology

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